What Our Customers Say

I would recommend Lenny to anyone needing an inspector. He is extremely diligent and comprehensive. He looks over a building as if it was he who was going to buy it. Additionally, he helps to understand the critical from the merely nuisance issues. He even answered several of my questions weeks after the inspection report was complete. He is top notch, go to Lenny if you want it done correctly!
Chad Hilstad

“Lenny is great! He recently inspected my home and I could not be more pleased with the results. Lenny did the inspection on a Sunday due to the busy week we both had when I needed the inspection done. He was very thorough with his inspection and pointed out everything he saw. He answered all of my questions and if he wasn’t sure, he went home and researched until he had an answer for me. On the day of inspection, the attic was sealed off and we were unable to inspect it. Lenny came back the following day, to inspect the attic once it was unsealed. His report was complete with pictures of everything he saw along with suggestions for fixing the problems. His knowledge and experience was very evident during his inspection and in his report. I highly recommend Wolf Home Inspections for any services needed and I plan to contact Lenny for any of my future needs.”

Alex Sielaff

I contacted Lenny (Wolf Home inspections) to complete a home inspection and radon testing. Lenny was prompt at returning my call and we were able to get things set up so he could start the radon test the next day, as well as he was willing to do the home inspection on a Sunday which met my needs very well. During the inspection, Lenny was punctual for the appointment, actually arriving prior to me and he was ready with supplies in hand. During the inspection, he talked about everything he saw, took pictures of items in concern, offered explanation to anything I was unsure about. He was patient, willing to listen and help.  I would highly recommend Lenny (Wolf Home Inspections) for any services needed and would contact him myself in the future for any of my needs. His level of knowledge and experience shows during his inspections.

Heather Drey

I recently had the opportunity to use Wolf Home Inspection for TWO homes on which I had submitted offers. I came to use Wolf Home Inspection because someone recommended them to me. I found Lenny Wilkosz to be very thorough on both homes and he had my inspection report, with photos to me within that same day.

The first home Lenny inspected was an older home which I knew may have some issues. However, the seller’s condition report didn’t identify any major issues and in fact, the home had supposedly undergone some recent additions. Lenny went through every square foot of the house, identifying both good things he saw, as well as any issues he saw and explained WHY it may be an issue. He got up and checked the roof and attic and he checked every corner of the basement. He even had an electrical tool that he put in every electrical outlet to check for reverse polarity. He found this in nearly every outlet and informed me that this was a big safety issue. In this particular house, despite all the updates that had been made, there were several major issues that would have cost a substantial amount of money to fix. Lenny helped to lay out everything, so that I could make an informed decision about whether I wanted to continue to pursue the purchase of this home

The second home Lenny inspected for me was a home in the city of Madison. It, too, was an older home. However, this home did not have the issues the first one did and that inspection turned out well. Again, Lenny went through everything thoroughly and presented his report, so that I could make an informed decision about whether I wanted to proceed ahead with the purchase.

Lenny is very knowledgeable and thorough. Every inch of the area to be inspected will be gone through and evaluated. He presents his findings in an easy to understand and professional manner, so that you can make an informed decision about what you want to do with the purchase of the home and any repairs that may be needed. I would highly recommend Lenny to anyone who needed home inspection services.

Bat Feces Found

Betty Bless

Buying a home is one of the most important decisions many people will make in their lives.  It goes without saying that having your future home inspected prior to purchasing is the safest way to  make that decision, but not all home inspectors are alike. With Lenny Wilkosz you can rest assured. Lenny is professional and thorough. As a general contractor he is knowledgeable and up to date on current building codes and practices. During our home inspection he went above and beyond to make sure we understood the process and the various defects he discovered. After noticing a depression in the roof, He went so far as to climb on the roof and even inside our attic to ensure there was no rot on the framing or molding insulation. Because of his through inspection we were able to negotiate $5,000 in closing cost credits (half the cost of roof replacement) from the seller. We highly recommend Lenny Wilkosz for your home inspection needs.


Maggie and Ben Lofgren

I just thought I’d email and let you know how pleased I was with your inspection and the follow up. I felt you did a very thorough job on the inspection and was diligent making sure that the needed work was done properly.  I’m happy to have a thorough list of what needs to be corrected now and what I can do down the road, as needed. Thanks so much for the inspection and I’m very happy in my new home!

Katherine McMahon

I was impressed with Mr. Wilkosz’s understanding of wiring and electrical components of my house.  He noticed some issues that our first house inspector had missed.  He observed double tapping and faulty wiring in our electrical box, which could have caused a fire.  He had the knowledge to solve the issues at hand.  He was very professional.  I was also grateful for his willingness to adjust his schedule quickly to help me out.

Jill Whale

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What Our Guests Say

I just thought I'd email and let you know how pleased I was with your inspection and the follow up. I felt you did a very thorough job on the inspection and was diligent making sure that the needed work was done properly.  I'm happy to have a thorough list of what needs to be corrected now and what...

-Katherine McMahon